Tuesday, August 31, 2010



Today my beauty blog is about, a brand new product that I can't live without.
Its from a brand called LIPSTICK QUEEN, with the most exciting lip collection I've ever seen. I'll give you some background, let me set the scene:

The creator is a lady called Poppy King, and through her passion and know how these products she brings.
The main focus is lips, and so so many to choose, but I'm going to talk about one, and the rest you can peruse.


The inspiration for this lipstick came from within, Medieval times, when lipstick was considered a sin! The ladies of this time used to just break loose, and used to rub on their lips a sour lemons juice.
Lemons juice i hear you cry, why would they do that why o why? Well what happened was the lemon would sting, but a lovely flush of red it would bring, enough to entice any king! ;)

This was a highly desirable look, and so with this knowledge Poppy King took, this idea to the lipstick maker, who managed to produce a stick of lemon juice Faker!!

After just one application you'll see what I mean, full of vitamin E, it goes on like a dream.
The colour is buildable, if you wanted that look, but one coat of colour for me, is all that it took.
It looks really natural, with just a hint of a tint there, it suits all complexions, and all shades of hair.

The packaging is gorgeous, it must be seen, check out the website to see what I mean.

Value for money, now that would depend, how much on cosmetics, do you usually spend?
I treated myself and now I can say, my lips have never looked so good, or felt this way, and thats worth more than any price that I pay.
I hope my Medieval lipstick never comes to an end, I love it that much, i'm buying one for my friend!


Samantha Elizabeth
PS My next post will be about another range by Lipstick Queen called Saints and Sinners, and i must say its time for Sinners to have their day!!!


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