Tuesday, August 31, 2010



Today my beauty blog is about, a brand new product that I can't live without.
Its from a brand called LIPSTICK QUEEN, with the most exciting lip collection I've ever seen. I'll give you some background, let me set the scene:

The creator is a lady called Poppy King, and through her passion and know how these products she brings.
The main focus is lips, and so so many to choose, but I'm going to talk about one, and the rest you can peruse.


The inspiration for this lipstick came from within, Medieval times, when lipstick was considered a sin! The ladies of this time used to just break loose, and used to rub on their lips a sour lemons juice.
Lemons juice i hear you cry, why would they do that why o why? Well what happened was the lemon would sting, but a lovely flush of red it would bring, enough to entice any king! ;)

This was a highly desirable look, and so with this knowledge Poppy King took, this idea to the lipstick maker, who managed to produce a stick of lemon juice Faker!!

After just one application you'll see what I mean, full of vitamin E, it goes on like a dream.
The colour is buildable, if you wanted that look, but one coat of colour for me, is all that it took.
It looks really natural, with just a hint of a tint there, it suits all complexions, and all shades of hair.

The packaging is gorgeous, it must be seen, check out the website to see what I mean.

Value for money, now that would depend, how much on cosmetics, do you usually spend?
I treated myself and now I can say, my lips have never looked so good, or felt this way, and thats worth more than any price that I pay.
I hope my Medieval lipstick never comes to an end, I love it that much, i'm buying one for my friend!


Samantha Elizabeth
PS My next post will be about another range by Lipstick Queen called Saints and Sinners, and i must say its time for Sinners to have their day!!!


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Style Bytes Blog Post


Have you guys heard of the latest craze to sweep the nation? (ok well it isnt strictly the latest craze, its been going since about 2004, but as most people i have spoke to have not heard of it, I thought i would write an article about it)


Its called Swishing, yes that's right, it conjures up an image, for me anyway, an image of me cleaning with a feather duster in my hand Not sure why! But alas Swishing has nothing to do with cleaning, unless we look at is as a way to clean up after ourselves by doing something to lessen our carbon footprint.

You see Swishing is swapping clothes, a brilliant way to be green, by recycling your old clothes with your mates.
Women all over the country are holding their own swishing parties, this involves rummaging through your already crammed to the fullest wardrobe, and seeing what is in their that you can swap (swish) with your friends, then inviting said friends to get together, and swish (swap) clothes with each other.

Now obviously the items that you want to have at a swish party, are not items that have not seen the light of day since you were 16.
Choose items that you would happily give to your best friend, and of a quality you'd happily recieve.

Think of items and accessories that perhaps you thought were fantastic in the shop only to find you change your mind when you get home, never worn, but might look good on a mate.
Hey, now you think about it, that big flower necklace you bought, looks hideous on you, but it would look fantastic on such and such (insert friends name here).

A swishing party can be easily set up, quite simply, sort some clothes, call up some mates, invite them round for nibbles and wine and get swishing.

*Its a great reason to get together, to swap gossip, as well as swish clothes.
*Its also ideal for getting your friends opinions, and trying out new ideas.
*Its really fun, and you come away with a new top or even outfit for nothing,
*Its also of course as already mentioned, enivronmentally friendly. That can be
a few less outfits that wont end up as land fill.


Now i am talking about a Swish on a relitavely small scale, but events like these take place across the country, in shopping centres, community centres, church halls, everywhere, this means Swishing on a much bigger scale.
These bigger events can be planned for and there is a fantastic site which is the ultimate in Swishing www.swishing.org, a fantastic resource for everything Swish related.
Everything from invitation templates, to a list of basic rules to ensure a super swishing experience.
Swish events are run a little differently, for example, items are put on show, then an hour or so is allocated for everyone to browse.
A time is then set for the opening of the Swish, a 5 minute warning is given to let you know the swish is about to start, and when it does, its every woman for themselves!


I held a successful Swish party of my own and had loads of fun.
It was on a small scale, a few friends, in my living room.
It was great, because after sorting my wardrobe i cleared some room (though i did practically fill it again post party).
I found it to be such a good way to get each others opinions, and tips and as we were amongst friends, we were able to try things perhaps we wouldnt otherwise.
Trying on the clothes in an relaxing home enviroment, with wine and friends was great, it was really sociable.
Everyone went home with something different then they came with, and we plan to do another one soon.

Swapping clothes is a really great idea, there is a link below to an online site that lets you swap clothes with people from all over the world, its called BIG WARDROBE and is well worth a look.


Hold your own swishing party and let us know how it goes